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"When you enter The Archaic House, it's on us to send you out happy."

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Have your work proof-read. We at The Archiac House shall help you decide if you are ready to send your work to a publishing house.


Editors at TAH are professionals in all forms of writing and will leave no stone unturned to give your work the clarity, coherence, and charm it deserves.

Cover Designing

Attractive covers stylized by our professional designers for an eye-catching display and lasting impression on readers. Our covers speak volumes.

Layout and Typesetting

Customized and designed with precision to make it easy-on-the-eyes and for a smooth read.

posters for promotions

Attractive self-promotional posters and banners to announce and keep your audience up-to-date with your published work for negligible costs.

Marketing and Books Distribution

Let us make your book available at offline stores across India. Currently not available due to the Lockdown.
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When you enter The Archaic House, it's on us to send you out happy.

Editors at The Archiac House

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