The Lamp-Lit Parchments

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Why did Anil get picked out of a room full of other Anils? What’s with Susan’s risky plan and how do things change for Tara after she discovers a bone-chilling secret? If this isn’t enough to intrigue, elsewhere in the book, Ramu and Shamu have called it quits and everyone’s in shock. There’s more.

Art as catharsis and behind the scenes of anxiety. From the journey of a fidgety literary mole to the dreadful diagnosis of writer’s block. Tales through generations with a sprinkle of magical realism, and an ode to Calvin and Hobbes. Murder. Mystery. Magic. Love. And titters. Lamp-Lit Parchments serve you all and more.

‘The Lamp-lit Parchments’. The latest song of the writers and artists of Write Club, Hyderabad, Lamp-Lit Parchments is a compilation of poetry and prose dished out by as many as thirty different authors, writing on diverse themes and genres such as fiction, horror and comedy, and in a variety of formats. This year’s edition also features authors as young as thirteen, catering to a special Children’s Section in the book.

All we have done is add a roof over Hyderabad’s bibliophilic congregation and watched the manuscript unfold over cups of chai and banter and a mutual love for stories. Write Club, Hyderabad can’t wait for you to see what’s in store.